Friday, November 9, 2012

Apple Festival

It was the best trip ever.

We all had a ride down the giant slide.
Hayes wasn't scared at all!
He went down with Ellie once and then down by himself the 2nd time!
I was a little bit scared myself, but it was SUPER fun!
 I love this picture of Hayes.  
Ellie wanted to have a cute picture with him...
Hayes clearly didn't get that memo.
 And this picture.
It takes my breath away.
I love this woman with all my heart.
She loves my babies and cares for them like no other.
I can't possibly put into words how much I cherish her relationship with my family.
She is just precious.
 Hayes jumped on this giant balloon thingy.
He wasn't a huge fan.

 She was thrilled with the giant concrete pipes.
Have I mentioned that this was the 3rd outfit she'd worn that day?
Two different poop explosions (both ON Ellie) and that was the LAST clean outfit we had.

Got a cute pic of these girls...
 He's a local celebrity riding with the cows....
 Little chick played in the toddler zone for a good long while.
Tires, pipes, etc...awesome.
 My baby girl LOVES Ethan!  
He is her favorite person every afternoon when he jumps off that school bus!

 Her turn to ride the cow.
She didn't really ride... she just got a picture made in the cow.
Appropriately named Bessie.
Every cow should be named Bessie, right?
 These boys went for a ride on that cart.
Daryk said it was harder than it looked.
I think he's just being a wimp.
It was seriously the best trip ever.
Mom in law went too!
She almost ran over me TWICE while we were touring the grounds
I got to eat a funnel cake and a fried Oreo.
I really enjoyed being able to spend time with everyone at the festival.

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