Sunday, November 25, 2012

My week is over????

The break is over.  Saddddsssssss.

Let's recap Thanksgiving break shall we...

Monday--The day I broke my phone and I couldn't even blame it on my toddlers.  Just me.  I dropped it about 3 feet ish from the couch to the floor.  Death to my iPhone.  Thankful for insurance.  I figured I wouldn't get it until Saturday or so, being that it was a holiday week.  I was thrilled to see it at the house on Tuesday!

Tuesday--We went to see my sister at Cow Headquarters.  Hayes got an ice cream treat after his lunch.  And he ate sprinkles off the floor.  Awesome.  Elizabeth disturbed a whole entire business meeting with her squeaky shoes.  We had a BLAST.  :)

Wednesday--Daryk went to coach wrestling all day long.  Typical.  I had brunch with my sister and my friends at the house.  We had a blast and talked about all sorts of girly things.  Plus, Leigh Anne learned how to make gravy.  I ran errands for a bit with the kiddos and then went to pick up our Thanksgiving Day ham.  I got to stop by Marcy's gender reveal party, witness a hilarious joke, and find out she's having a boy.  Yay for baby Beckett James.

Thursday--Thanksgiving.  I ran a 13.1 race in Atl.  And then I died.  Well, almost.  I literally ran 6 miles straight without stopping.  I ran/walked/jogged the last half of it.  I took a shower after I got to mom's house to get the kids.  Trust me, I needed the shower.  I took a nap and then got up to assemble the family dinner.  We had a GREAT time and I really enjoyed having the family at our house.

Friday--We stayed home.  It was glorious.

Saturday--Went to the mall and got to see Zoe at Chick fil A!  YAY!  The kids played and then we all came home to take a nap.  Also glorious.

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