Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Change

I wish I could grant myself the motivation to get out of bed/off the couch/up on Saturday's to WORK OUT.
I'd much rather sleep.  Or watch TV.  Or... sleep?

I just paid money to join the gym. 
I'm planning to go this weekend.
I will go tomorrow.
I love the gym.
It makes me happy.
I've got about 20 lbs I want to lose before the wedding!
Jew and Kitty get married next May and I don't want to be flabby.

I want to to be hot.
I'm back to pre babies weight.
I just need to get to what I call Skinny Carrie weight.
Skinny Carrie with big Alabama hair.
I was channeling Texas in 2007-2008.
I love it.
I miss it.
I think I'll go back.
Don't tell my sisters I posted this, ok?
Huge hair.

Charleston for Thanksgiving.
My favorite city.

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