Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby not feel good.

Can someone tell me WHY they make kids wait to get the suckers/stickers/treat at the dr's office until AFTER the appointments!?
I went to steal one, just to see what she would do if I gave it to her.
She spent most of our dr's visit screaming.
I knew she was sick, but I didn't know it was THAT bad.
This was her mugshot after leaving the dr on Monday afternoon. 
Official diagnosis:  ear infection right ear.
Her oxygen levels were super low and her blood pressure was crazy high.
We coudn't decide if her stats were all crazy because she was sick....
Or because she was upset and crying like a fool.
Dr. Nguyen wanted us to check back in on Tuesday just to be sure.
We picked up the antibiotics and went home to nurse sick girl. 
PS--I'm a crappy nurse. 
I have no patience and I don't like needy people.

This was Tuesday at the dr's office.
She wanted to color and I had no child safe color tools.
Red pen it is.
Note to self, put crayons in diaper bag.
Official diagnosis:  bronchitis and potential to develop asthma eventually.
She still had low oxygen levels, but her blood pressure was better.
We did an in office breathing treatment and her oxygen levels got better.
They sent us home with breathing treatments and steroids.
Don't forget we still have the antibiotic for the ear infection....

She also has WRETCHED diaper rash because she's getting teeth.
On top of all the other business we have butt issues.
So we also got some burn cream for that.
I decided that I would just let her wander around the doctor's office diaperless to let her booty air.
I buttoned her onesie up over her shoulder so it wouldn't get dirty.
Mom of the year!
when we were leaving the doctor's office I left the paper with the prescriptions in the room we were in.
So I got alllllllllllllll the way to the car without, realized that I left them, and then had to go back inside.
Freaking awesome.
$43 later, we have meds for baby who is sick.

Yes, this is what she's doing while she is sick.
She acts just fine.
This is why she gets so sick and we have no idea!
And when you ask Hayes how Baby is doing, he replies...
"Baby sick.  Baby not feel good.  She go to the doctor."

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