Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crap balls. I forgot yesterday.

Welp, call me a slacker.  I totally forgot I was supposed to write a blog yesterday.
Lemme just fill you in about our weekend!
Friday we decided that Hayes could go with my parents to the deer woods and play with his cousin Lucas.  Dad came to get him after school on Friday and I sent him on his way.  Dad and Sheila decided not to go to the deer woods and just hang by the lake instead.  Lucky Hayes--either way.  Saturday he got to play hard with Lucas and then they went to the B'ham Zoo.  I've heard all about the monkeys, alligators in green water, and elephants he saw.  He was thrilled to see his cousin and go visit with his grandparents.  I was thrilled to know that he missed me and asked for me on Saturday night!  .:Made my heart swell:.

Friday night I took Elizabeth to the mall for dinner and some girl time.  We played, well, she played on the Germ Village (as my mom says) Playground and had a GREAT time.  She ran around for a good little while before I loaded her up into the one kid stroller and we went shopping for Christmas gifts.  I got a few gifts for teachers and various family members before we left the mall.  We saw BeBe and Jack one more time before we left and she had a meltdown.  It was fun!

Saturday morning we played around the house until 9 and then got ready to go see Daddy at the ALX Duals.  I dressed her in her best red and black for the big match!  We got to watch about 2 hours of wrestling before I had to head home to get ready for my basketball games.  I met my sitters at the house and left baby girl with them.  I drove to Cambodia, on the other side of the county, for THREE everloving basketball games.  Girls won, boys won, 9th boys lost.  Long day!  I got home around 6:30 and debated with Daryk about dinner plans.  We decided to go to Gumbeaux.  Unfortunately they were PACKED and we ended up at The Pub instead.  Elizabeth was a trooper and ate like a champ, nothing new! 

Today our little girl slept until after daylight and we enjoyed sleeping in too!  We served at church in the last service and then went to Kohl's and Target to shop.  Elizabeth passed out on the way home from shopping and we all took a nap.  Daryk and I went exploring behind the house and we can't wait to show the kids!  Dad and Sheila delivered Hayes around 5 p.m. and we got baby girl up to see her brother.  Her hair was CRAZY when she woke up and we all got a good laugh. 

Grocery store run, chicken quesadillas for dinner, and then bathtime for the babes.  Everyone was in bed by 7:15 and we folded laundry.  Aren't we a load of fun!?

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