Thursday, November 8, 2012

Exploring the World... or not.

I would be an airline pilot.
Apparently there aren't too many of us girls out there doing that.
Less than 3% of commercial pilots are female. 
I could experience a different life.
You could be anyone you wanted to be.
That might NOT be a good thing....
Each city or place would bring you new adventures.

Who wouldn't love to fly aroud the world and see different places?
You could travel and visit amazing countries.
I would love to go here.
And here.
I just like to explore.
My teacher salary doesn't afford too much of that exploring.
Being a pilot would enable a salary that pays for it and a way to get there. 
But alas, I'm a teacher and I love it.
I also love that other job.
The Mom Job.
And it is way more important than anything else.

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