Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day Two. Post Half. I'm functional.

Well, today is day two after running the 13.1 miles on Thanksgiving Day. 
I think running that far gave me a new meaning to Black Friday, as I could BARELY walk yesterday.  Going to the potty, forget it. 
I could barely walk from the bed to the couch. 
And steps, fuuugetttaboutit. 
Not happening. 
Have you ever tried to explain to sweet babies that you can no longer pick them up and walk, because you can barely walk yourself? 
Carrying a 26 or 37 lb toddler isn't on the agenda since I can't move....

Yesterday Elizabeth scared herself to death because she climbed up about 3-4 steps and then fell down them towards the gate. 
I was downstairs wallowing on the couch and Daryk had just gone upstairs, thus the gate being open was his fault (just remember that) and NOT mine. 
She was trying to climb to get the nail polish basket, which my sweet baby sister left downstairs again, after using for the SECOND time this week. 
PS--she's not allowed to paint her nails at my house EVER again after this week)
Elizabeth fell, scared us both, I almost died trying to jump/hobble to her rescue. 
And Daryk wanted it to be my fault, I could tell.
No verbal cues necessary... it was the death/guilt stare and I just knew it. 
Clearly not my fault.  Maybe Daryk's and Leigh's fault... again, nail polish basket.

Also, today I'm better.
I can walk a little bit faster and the stairs aren't impassable anymore.
I just got the last of the DVD binge from Amazon today.
I ordered about 10 ish Christmas DVDs week before last.
What?!  We didn't have enough Christmas movies.
One cannot survive on Elf and Charlie Brown alone!

I am ready to decorate NOW. 
Going to wait for the kids to go to sleep tonight and then get it done!

Debating this photo for the Christmas cards?  Thoughts anyone?

Ok good. 

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