Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So it happened....

Last night marked the 2nd time ever in our marriage that Daryk cleaned the shower.  
Write it down folks. 
 2nd time in a whopping (almost) 4 years. 
 Mind you, he cleans everything else.  
He does the dishes and cleans the kitchen almost every.single.night.  
He vacuums the floors all the time and he helps fold the laundry too.  
So thankful for all that help, trust me.  
But there's just something about scrubbing toilets, tubs, and sinks that wears on you.  
I warned him a few nights ago that his time was coming. 
He tried to worm out of it saying that he'd just cleaned the kitchen, blah, blah blah....
He asked me if I'd ever used the lawnmower...
I replied, "We pay someone to cut the grass, nice try."
He finally scrubbed the shower and I will say it looks really nice this morning.
Wonder what I can con him into next...

Just in case you wanted to laugh out loud this morning....
Go read this blog.
I snorted a few times.
You know it is good if I snort.

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