Saturday, November 3, 2012

Batteries and Balloons

Thursday morning I had plans to get to school early and learn this dance for the pep rally. 
Figures.  The one morning I want to get to school early my car battery is dead.
So after some serious panic and a few frantic phone calls and tweets....
Husband finally came back to get me and I got to school just in time.

Auto tech teacher charged and tested the battery... gave me the all clear.
So I went forward Friday and had a good day with no car issues.
Field trip, pep rally, joined the gym, played in the leaves with my kids, and went to a football game.
Home before midnight and asleep.

Fast forward to Saturday....
Going to do my last cheer job of the season and my car won't start.

Called Evan and relayed my panic, and then searched the garage for jumper cables or something.
Daryk was already gone to his last cheer job of the season and there were no other cars at my house .
Moving makes finding things challenging.
Finally located the jump box and hooked my battery up.
Prayers are the only thing that cranked that car.
Carried me all the way to cheer job and then I watched some amazing stuff there!
All done with that, car wouldn't start again, jump box came to the rescue, again.
Took my happy butt straight the the Auto Zone and got the battery tested.
I thought I would need a new alternator, but I just needed a new battery!
Cost about half as much as that alternator....

Stopped by the antique store and got some Jewel T pieces for my collection.
Came home and chatted with my step mom and played with my babies.
Made dinner, cleaned house, and bathed the chirrens.
Bedtime followed for all, including me.

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